Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Laughing Horse Edinburgh Free Fringe and Paul Vickers presents “TWONKEYS COTTAGE”
The counting house ballroom venue 170 12:10 to 13:00. August 2010-The 5th -11th, 13th-18th, 20th-25th, 27th- 29th.
Twonkey’s Cottage is an off-centre treasure trove of tall tales, Featuring stories from across the globe and local. Tall stories to rival “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” with a demented puppet show as first realised on a night train to Liechtenstein. Paul stars in his first full-length stand up comedy show where he pushes the boat out bringing back a truly wonky catch.
“Paul Vickers is badly dressed with a shedload of odd toys, he would have had his very own sitcom in the 70s”. N.M.E.
Twonkey's cottage features adult stories of body popping livers playing fiddles, elephant chimney sweeps, and shape shifting shop lifting sausage dogs. Meet Paul and his puppets, Eerie Bill, Twonkey, Barbara Bananas and Bruntsfield Lottie. Look out for the reasonably priced warped new CD "F**king Story’s" at all performances.
Paul Vickers is famous for fronting "Dawn of the Replicants" a veteran of five John Peel sessions.
"A loveable gonk/ a Da Vinci of lyrical invention”. MOJO.
In January 2009 Paul started performing stand up comedy around Edinburgh. Bizarrely he supported Mogwai taking on the role of chief red coat for the 'All Tomorrow Parties' Rockumentary movie première. Recently he has also been busy working on a post punk musical fairytale "Itchy Grumble” with The Leg, the concert version was performed at the fringe in 2009 a full theatrical version is pending. A couple of years ago SL Records released a comedy album "Recording the Impossible” featuring Paul and his flat mate Andy Currie.
"Absurdist humour drawing on Cutler, Stanshall, Milligan and Lear, a little bizarre, but in small doses, delightful". UN-CUT.

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