Friday, 18 July 2014

Twonkey’s Secret Edinburgh Picnic Trail plus Giddy World the album on U.S.B available at all Twonkey shows 2014.

Step One:
No one can afford to eat in posh restaurants these days with one in four living below the poverty line so why not pack a picnic basket.

Use hooks and leather straps to attach the basket to your back, the best foods to use are light ones such as meringues and bananas. Use a flask that locks onto your key ring and take a flagon, which you can attach to your hat using Velcro or even honey.

Step Two:
Choose a route that is enjoyable and scenic why not start at the Water of Leith by Saint Bernard’s well. In Victorian times they believed the spring water that sprouts from under the frescoed dome had healing properties until they later realized it was in fact contaminated it’s now closed until further notice. Why not cut about near the waterfall and enjoy the exotic wildlife maybe around this time you should think about ripping into your first banana. Why not throw the skin to a greedy pelican or swan.

Step Three:
Get the 29 bus that leaves from the vintage cheese shop in Stockbridge and travel to Gilmerton Cove. The cove is one of Edinburgh’s best-kept secrets. Nobody, even the staff that work there really knows what it was built and used for. Could have been a blacksmith’s forge, a smuggler’s lair, used for sex parties or the final resting place of the holy grail your guess is as good as anyone else’s. The useful tunnels and tiny rooms look like Tatooine from the first Star Wars movie. Sit by the famous punch bowl and try and eat a whole apple in one bite remember no cheating or else you’ll be cursed.

Step Four:
Get the bus back into town get off at the old cheese shop Mellis. This time go in celebrate the end of your trail by ordering some crottin de chavignol.
This small cylindrical French cheese has been produced in the Loire valley since the 16th century. Why not pop over to the sandpit in front of the 1960's housing scheme and munch away on your intoxicating bounty. Enjoy the drunken old men as they play French bowls or petanque let your heavy eyes slip into a pleasant slumber.

Who needs The Edinburgh festival? Forget it for a while and maybe enjoy that second banana.

Paul Vickers and Friends- Giddy World (2014):

1.Giddy World (with Keith Baxter)
2.Pissed as a Postman (with Pierre Chandeze)
3.Mother Shipton (with Steven Vickers)
4.Creepy Restaurant (with Mike Small)
5.The Breakfast Clock (with Pierre Chandeze)
6.Croc in a Swamp (with Pierre Chandeze)
7.Pub Quiz Answers
8.Candy Shop (with Jamie Scott and Mike Small)
9.Sophie the Aeronaut (with Pierre Chandeze)
10.What’s in the Pot?
11.Hands off Mussolini (with Massimiliano Puddu, Hamish Hawk and Steven Vickers)
12.Pissed as a Postman –The Play
(with Connor Jones, Abbye Eva, Robin Hellier, Edgar Guerreiro, Greg Dodgson and his papa)