Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Laughing Horse Free Fringe@ The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket, Edinburgh (Venue 178)August 4th-28th 2011 except Tuesdays, 6.15-7.15pm.
“Think Reeves and Mortimer at their most deranged, Pink Floyd’s Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast, Ivor Cutler’s Life In A Scottish Sitting Room, Oliver Postgate's darkest imaginings, or even a long lost chapter to Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Colin Somerville, Scotland on Sunday, 4 stars
What does Frankenstein actually eat? That was Paul Vickers’ opening gambit in last years show, Twonkey’s Cottage. Vickers (of Dawn of the Replicants fame) may not have found the answer, but he did end up gargling and spitting into a fish tank containing an underwater circus. The question now is how do you follow a show like Twonkeys Cottage and an album like Fucking Stories?
“It's the only show that has actually made me cry with laughter”.
Jonathan Trew’s, Fringe Round Up, The Scotsman.
The answer is a cabaret called Twonkeys Castle and an album called 0om-Pah! After last year’s shenanigans, Twonkey has outgrown her cottage, which is now haunted by the ghost of silent movie actress Lillian Gish. We find Twonkey reclining in her new hilltop home after navigating a windy mountain pass in a hot air balloon. It’s only when at the castle one can watch Percy Taffy the talking loaf go berserk.
“Vickers is just a good, honest weirdo, and very funny to boot.”
Jonny Ensall, The List.
The new album, 0om-Pah! will be available at all performances of Twonkey’s Castle, and in the shops from August 8th. After Fucking Stories, this time out it’s a 50/50 mix of songs and spoken word fairytales with music and sound effects from the show, as Paul and a myriad of collaborators wield classical guitars, clarinets and homemade oscillation units...SO LOWER THE DRAWBRIDGE AND STRIKE UP THE OOM-PAH OR ELSE ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!

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