Thursday, 17 May 2012

Twonkey’s getting very big for her boots sense she inherited her own country. She has me up running up the bleedin' the wall what's wrong with her? Paul Vickers Presents Twonkey’s Kingdom Laughing Horse @The Temple Bar, 121 Western Road, Brighton 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of May 2012, 9:30-10.30 pm. ‘Mr.Twonkey is a true comic original’ Four Stars The Scotsman. A melodrama fit for a king’s supper with known loon and likeable surrealist comedian/musician Paul Vickers. He is nothing less then the Walt Disney Mark E Smith. This show is full of vintage buffoonery handled with ease by a charismatic oddball raconteur. Twonkey is coming to the Brighton Fringe armed with the third part of a triumphant trilogy of wonky cabaret. Bringing chaos shanties from a cliff edge and stories from Frankenstein’s liquorice castle. ‘Arguably the hit of the fringe’ Four Stars Scotland on Sunday. Paul Vickers AKA Mr Twonkey is a gift to entertainment having cut his teeth with John Peel favourites 'Dawn of the Replicants'. He is fast becoming known for his work with musical curiosities 'The Leg'. His shows at the Edinburgh Fringe have delighted the press and the public alike and Brighton is not going to miss out. “Its close to genius” The Herald. Paul also springs on us his third album of stories and songs ‘Nest of Knickers’ available at all shows. Featuring the magical collaboration of 'Paul and Pierre' and four unreleased 'Dawn of the Replicants' tracks.