Monday, 13 June 2016

Twonkey’s Double Bill 2016: Edinburgh Fringe
Twonkey’s Mumbo Jumbo Hotel
Sweet 3 (Grassmarket) / 9pm, 4th-28th August (not Tuesdays) / £6.50 (£5 conc.) /
Stop the hotel from being totally flattened to make way for a Frankie and Benny’s. Why is Drunk Welsh Anne's pistol missing from her garter belt? Why is the assistant manager hiding in the toilet? Why has the accountant been poisoned? Why does the cuckoo clock need fixing if it's already been fixed?
Enter the legendary oddball Twonkeyverse of Paul Vickers…
'He creates wonderlands of weird' **** (Kate Copstick, Scotsman); Malcolm Hardee Award nominee for Comic Originality; 'Completely bonkers charm' **** (Times); 'A challenging sexual concept' **** (Time Out); 'A joyous experience' **** (
Twonkey’s Drive–in: Jennifer’s Robot Arm
Sweet 1 (Grassmarket) / 5.15pm, 4th-28th August (not Tuesdays) / Pay What You Want (or £5 guarantees entry) /
A matchbox melodrama about a girl whose delusions, while consorting with a demonic friend and a circular saw, cost her an arm. Her foolish, impotent father tries to make a replacement to no avail, whilst her very sexy mother Pam tries to comfort her through the trauma with relaxing stories.
Her dreams soon give birth to a trampish inventor, who offers her a robot arm at a devilish cost...
The debut play from Mr. Twonkey, a Fringe firebrand described by Mojo magazine as ‘a Da Vinci of invention’; top 20 out of 902 submissions in the Soho Theatre’s Verity Bargate Award (‘a bit like Ex Machina if it was set in Yorkshire’).
Super Allan Design.
The Square Buxton SK17 6BD
Standard ticket £7:00 (concession £6.00/discounted £5.00)
15th of July 10:30 pm
16th of July 5:30 pm
17th of July 10:00 pm
The Twonkey crew made the front cover of the Buxton Advertiser in the run up which is a lot of fun.
Plus get your hands on a U.S.B LIGHT BULD DRIVE available at all shows.
Contents List: The Album –
Peggy’s Raspberry Spaghetti
By Paul Vickers and Friends.
1. Peggy’s Raspberry Spaghetti
2. Macaroni Edit (Paul and Pierre)
3. Sacked by Looney Tunes (With Keith Baxter)
4. Boo Who (Paul and Pierre)
5. The Birth of Pinocchio (with Massimiliano Puddu and Hamish Hawk)
6. Love on Tap (with Steven Vickers)
7. Mumbo Jumbo Hotel (with John Callaghan)
8. King Newt (with John Callaghan)
9. Competitive Eating (with Clutch Daisy)
10. Trouble in the Dordogne (with Steven Vickers inspired by Roger Simian)
11. Mugulvery’s Farm (with Grant Pringle)
12. Happy Hippos (Paul and Pierre)
13. The Raspberry (With Andy Currie)
14. This is Showbiz (with Steven Vickers and Hamish Hawk)
15. The Owl Brest Tree
16. The Architect (with Massimiliano Puddu)
17. The Zinc Tears of Jesus (with Keith Baxter and Pete Harvey)
Posh picture Photo Express.
The Film- Twonkey’s Stinking Bishop. One M-peg 4 of the whole show in full color. Filmed and edited by Jamie Meikle. Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player/Quicktime or Flash to play the Video Content on the U.S.B.
E.P –
Demos for Jennifer’s Robot Arm.
By Pete Harvey and Paul Vickers.
1. Jennifer’s Robot Arm
2. Nest of the Platypus
3. Love on Tap
4. This Is Showbiz
5. The Magic of the Black Forest
6. Jennetics
Recorded by Pete Harvey at Pumpkin Field recording studios 2015/2016.
Jennifer Painting,Set and Screen:Mary Trodden.