Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stage Two is a short run of the full show details below:
AT 7.30PM-Tickets £8. 75 minutes (including interval)
In an attempt to prove she's the sister of Pinocchio, Jennifer cuts through her supposed wooden arm with a circular saw, but this is to no avail. An inventor seizes Jennifer's dreams and then her stump to proffer a robotic appendage, holding her and her family's lives and emotions hostage.
The Progress so far…
It’s still very much in development but not arrested development. So far so good for Jennifer's Robot Arm, I’ve written a new ending and opening since the reading at the White Bear theatre, London. This is a big challenge and it’s wonderful to have Simon Jay taking the ship by the funnel and steering the wheel down south. My plan originally was to produce a B-movie comedy based on one of my most popular short fairytales. I planed to put it on at the Edinburgh Fringe with local talent.
Real Shoebox Theater with teapots for lights and a stage set made from orange boxes. Pity and daft theatrics played out in a drunken dockyard fashion somewhere in Auld Reekie.
However it makes more sense to develop it down south in old London town. The Budget (kindly supplied by the Tom McGrath Award) did not include a ticket on the mega bus gold for myself to get down to London for the rehearsed reading. I was waiting for the video evidence to hit my email box with some relish. It was heart breaking for me not to be there. I felt like Charles Dickens writing in a hovel on a diet of bread and maggots. I imagined pushing my ideas into cracks in the wall, all in the hope that one day they would be discovered by Kevin Spacey.
The cast did a super job by all accounts lead by the dominating presence of the glamorous and dry Myra Dubois. Conner Jones played a sympathetic and rather jolly father. The brilliant actress Miranda Shrapnel played an acrobatic and hugely convincing Jennifer. As for Simon Jay he performed a contorted master class with his Lon Chaney-esque hunchback. Nathan Cross punched in the scenes with the regal poise of an ageing king. However it was clear from the lo-fi video I would need to write more as the tale has more powder in its gun.Pete Harvey has written a Theme tune too. So on with the show…….. and this time Mr. Twonkey will be coming to the ball; I’ve booked my train.
WONDERFUL PICS-ANTONY OUDOT. Look out for his new book Shooting Kylie.