Monday, 12 November 2012

Twonkeys Bastard Christmas Stew. Leg of an ox/ A Hammer/ Bag of shoes/ Two hard plums/ Flat maggots/ End a pan by mucking it. Sour the shoes with plums. Use bow and arrow to pin flat maggots to a tree. Daft yourself with the hammer. Push it all in a bin with an ox leg. Then gas with a naked flame.........alright? Should take four hours as the crow flys. Mr.Twonkeys been busy doing gigs in Glasgow with the lovely folk at Spangled Cabaret. Guy Fawkes night never had it so good with Jukebox Jones up the Willie dick and the Creative Martyrs and Glasgow Glam Bangers really pulling out the stops all thanks to Paul Ross. Twonkeys 2013 show will be called Twonkeys Blue Cadabra hope to take it to the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe but Glasgow got a work in progress peek first......alright? i said alright?