Thursday, 3 January 2013

FIRST TWONKEY SHOW OF 2013...TWONKEY TRAVELS TO THE NORTH EAST: ACROPHOBIA!...VERTIGO!...IS ONE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS? Morden Tower is one of Britain's best-known literary landmarks. For the past 45 years, hundreds of poets/barm pots have come from all over the world to give readings in this ancient turret-room on Newcastle's city walls tower. ON SATURDAY THE 2ND OF FEBRUARY 2013 THIS TRADITION CONTINUES: Doors are 7 o clock-it will be louder than a 300 foot tin wasp. The acts so far are, 1. M.P Wood 2. Nev Clay 2. Professor Squidbeak and Raooooooooooooooooul 3. Mr.Twonkey AKA thats me Paul Vickers.
ABOUT NEWCASTLE:The city grew up in the area that was the location of the Roman settlement called Pons Aelius though it owes its name to the castle built in 1080, by Robert II, Duke of Normandy, the eldest son of William the Conqueror. The city grew as an important centre for the wool trade and it later became a major coal mining area. The port developed in the 16th century and, along with the shipyards lower down the river, was amongst the world's largest shipbuilding and ship-repairing centres. These industries have since experienced severe decline and closure, and the city today is largely a business and cultural centre, with a particular reputation for a wild nightlife.