Friday, 28 March 2014

Twonkey’s Private Restaurant.
Brighton Fringe 2014:
Showtime: 19:15 (60 min). MAY 3-5. The Temple, The Upstairs Bar, 121 Western Rd, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2AD.
Edinburgh Fringe 2014:
Showtime: 20:45 (60 min). 31ST of JULY to 24 AUGUST, Apart from the 12th. Espionage, Mata Hari, India Buildings, Victoria St, Edinburgh, EH1 2EX.
“A bearded Fantasist” ★★★★ Time Out.
TO&ST award nominee for best cabaret Edinburgh fringe 2013.
“Makes Edward Lear sound like the Six O’ Clock news”
Kate Copstick TO&ST judge.
Mr.Twonkey has this to say about his new show: Before the Internet on days out in Whitby I would have a lot of fun playing with the fish and chip paper making a vinegar mask. I would spend all my pocket money on a huge bottle of vinegar and soak the mask. Meanwhile under the coarse damp paper my face was beetroot red and aggravated. The sea serpents would circle like vultures hungry for fish and chips. That's when I had the idea that I would love to run my own restaurant called 'The Salivating Sea Serpent’. So here we are and we’ve got soup of the month and catch of the fortnight. We are busy as a corpse opening times only when we are feeling cheeky.
“A surrealist’s wet dream” ★★★★ The Skinny.
"A true comic original' ★★★★The Scotsman.
The Lovechild of Brian Blessed and Betty Boop give's you his new tasty vision. Mr.Twonkey AKA Paul Vickers is mad as cricket bat and fast as a silver hare. Its surreal act of twisted songs, adult fairytales and games that feature elaborate props.
His goal is to mix funny anecdotes and heartfelt moments creating an enjoyable uniquely Twonkey vision of a better world. Twonkey is fresh from the Soho Theatre and as well as appearing on Arthur Smith’s Radio Four Extra show.
"A psychedelic trip" ★★★★ Exeunt.
"Eloquent nonsense" ★★★★ British Theatre Guide.
Pictures:Toby Long.

Monday, 24 March 2014

What A Night:
Goodbye Twonkeys Blue Cadabra but in style at Soho Theatre London 17th of March 2014.
Thanks for all the flowers backstage I don’t like orchids but I will make do.
Check for trap doors no northing. Wait a minute, there’s something wrong with one of your eyes. Oh hang on; it’s fine when compared to your other eyes.
I briefly had a flash back there, of cutting through Twonkey’s stomach, like a coco pod Tarzan with Genghis Khan’s dagger. Then out my velvet sack as if by magic I pull out a tiny set of clogs. ….WOW. What happened to the big clogs? they most have shrunk or been replaced.
All these ingredients are invisible that’s because they are emotions. This for all those people who attempt the impossible in there lives such as window cleaners.I bring out Flying Tailor prop and push the device into action and then start to sing.
Who shot a whole film with buckets for legs?Who? Who? Who? You collect snails you believe that if you hug them they turn into horses. Am I close?I dance around the stage with Hilda wearing a fake nose swinging an umbrella about as a nightmare of stiff saxophone riffs fills the room.What a wonderful night thank you London Soho Theatre you have been a lady.Plus a big slap on the lips to Radio Four Extra and Arthur Smith for having us on his show Twice.
Antony Oudot The Reluctant Paparazzi man.