Saturday, 31 March 2018

*Twonkey’s Night Train to Liechtenstein Hits the Tracks!*
Coming Up:
Edinburgh Monkey Barrel Comedy Club
(Headline slot At Peter Pancakes's Comedy Extravaganza!)
9th of April 19:00 hours 2018:
Brighton Fringe 2018 Laughing Horse at the Caroline of Brunswick 2018:
11th and 12th of May 19:30 hours.
Prague Fringe at the Museum of Alchemists 2018:
25th,26th and 27th of May 19:45 hours.
London The Bill Murray Comedy Club 2018:
14th of June 18:45 hours.
Glasgow's Spangled Cabaret at The Blue Arrow:
2nd of July 20:30 hours (Miniature Liechtenstein set).
Buxton Fringe at The Old Clubhouse 2018:
13th July, 19:00 hours and 14th July, 22:00 hours.
Edinburgh Fringe 2018 Heroes at Dragonfly:
3rd to the 26th of August (apart from the 8th and the 22nd) 18:00 hours.
Mr.Twonkey: When I was a young boy I sent a letter to Prince Charles asking if could take it upon him to visit smaller countries like San Marino, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.
I felt it was important not to neglect them due to size. I have family in Liechtenstein they would love to meet the future kings. I got a letter back from the prince saying he had just been on a skiing holiday in Liechtenstein with the boys. In fact they pinned the letter on the notice board at school. I was bullied to tears. People reacted by trying to kill me. Pretty soon the letter was vandalized and destroyed by thugs. I feel its time for me to go to Liechtenstein. I need to pick up the money left for me by my auntie in her will, what could go wrong?
News Flash First Band Gig For Some Time:
Paul Vickers and The Leg:
Edinburgh’s top toe tapping junkyard super group return.
“Like a 50s scientist on a flying bedstead“ Julian Cope.
Live at Fringe by the Sea North in North Berwick 2018:
Simpson Spiegeltent with the lovely Withered Hand.
6th of August at 21:00 hours (120 minutes)
Playing a new set of songs!

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